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Viparspectra 2000W Dimmable LED Grow Light (VA2000)

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Viparspectra is one of the best LED grow lights for indoor growing. ViparSpectra VA2000 LED grow light adopts 10W LEDs, which is able to provide efficient spectrum for indoor plants at all kinds of growth stages. Considering some consumers prefer to purchase this kind of product, we designed this series good quality products at an affordable offer to our customers.

    • Save on Electricity Costs: This LED Grow Light uses only 395 watts of power to save you money on indoor growing compared to 600 watts for an equivalent HID/MS.

    • VEG & BLOOM Dimmer: The VEG dimmer changes the brightness level of the blue and white LED needed for germinating seedlings and promoting early vegetation cycle. The BLOOM dimmer changes the brightness of the red LED needed for flowering and fruiting stage. VEG and BLOOM dimmer can be used together with 100% brightness to obtain maximum growth performance throughout the seeding and flowering stages of your plants.
    • Coverage Area & Hanging Height: The Dimmable 2000W LED grow light is perfect for a 4'x 4' vegetative coverage at 30'' and 3.5'x 3.5' flowering coverage at 22''. We recommend hanging the light at 26''- 38'' with 100% VEG brightness and 60% BLOOM brightness while running the light 18 hours per day during vegetation stage. During flowering and fruiting stage, hang the light at 20''- 24'' for 12 hours per day with 100% brightness on both VEG and BLOOM channel. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness.
    • Balanced Lighting to avoid light burn: Engineered to balance the amount of light (PAR/Lumen Output) to not burn your plants or stunt growth.

    • Efficient Cooling System: The Dimmable VA2000 2000W LED grow light uses high speed cooling fans and built-in aluminum heat sinks, which constitutes a powerful cooling system great for heat dissipation while ensuring the long lifespan of the light.

    • LED Lights last longer: You get a huge 100,000 hours and 2-year manufacturer warranty for this light.

      ATTENTION Please

      • Extremely bright therefore do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on.

      • Indoor use only since it is not waterproof.

      • This light includes IR (Infrared) LEDs which look dim however they are not faulty.

      • Surrounding temperature must be less than 40 degrees celcius.

      • Maximum usage of 18 hours per day.

      • No extra ballast is needed.

    • Package Includes:

      • 1 x VA2000 LED Lighting

      • 1 x hanging kit.

      • 1 x user instructions.

      • 1 x 6 ft power cord (US Standard 110 volt grounded 3 prong plug).

      Model Specification:

      • Brand: VIPARSPECTRA.

      • Model Number:VA2000.

      • Type: LED Grow Light.

      • Dimensions: 15.4 x 11.4 x 3.1 inches.

      • Gross Weight: 13.72 lbs.

      • Power Consumption: 395 watt.

      • LED Quantities: 200 pieces high intensity dual-chip LEDs.

      • LEDS Composition: full spectrum.

      • View Angle: 90 degree.

      • Working Temperature: -20 to 40 degree celcius.

      • Life Span: 100,000 hours.

      • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year.