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6" Quiet Plastic Inline Fan With Speed Controller (395 CFM)

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GrOh Canada’s 6" Plastic Inline Tube Fan is the quietest fan on the market. At 395 CFM it provides the necessary airflow to exhaust stale air, odours, and excess heat out of a medium to large grow room up to 4 x 4 ft. It's lightweight, powerful, and includes a speed controller to maximize the efficiency of your ventilation system.

    • Strength: Strength: High performance and efficiency. This fan will replenishing the air in your grow room every few minutes and pull air through a carbon filter. 

    • Airflow and Speed: 395 cubic feet per minute (CFM) 2400 revolutions per minute (RPM).

    • Variable Speed Controller: 3 Speed controller to adjust the fan speed.

    • Uses: Exhaust fan or intake fan depending on the direction of the airflow selected.

    • Installation: Lightweight and easy to install inside or outside your grow room. Installation bracket included.

    • Equipment Pairing: Work great with a 6’’ diameter Carbon Filter with up to 400 CFM (e.g. 6" x 16" Carbon Filter).

  • Package includes:

    • 1 x Plastic 6" Inline Tube Fan with speed controller.

    • 1 x Power Cord.

    • 1 x Easy to install-mounting bracket.


    • Air Flow: 395 CFM and 580 CMH.

    • Speed: 2400 RPM.

    • Noise Level: Less than 31 db

    • Voltage: 110/120V.

    • Frequency: 60Hz.

    • Power: 60W.

    • Color: Black and red.

    • Operating temperature range: -20 to 60 Celcius