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Magical Butter Machine

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Wouldn’t you love to make bake your magical goodies at home? The magical butter machine makes it super easy to create the cleanest, tastiest Herbal butters, Infusions, and Tinctures.  You just need to add your herb of choice, some butter, and press a button while the machine does the work.

Product Details

  •  Make our own treats at home anytime with little to no labour
  • The magical butter heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract, all at the correct time intervals and temperature
  • Get consistent results every time
  • Used by Chefs, restaurants, herbal therapy patient, your friends, and anybody with a taste for herbal cooking
  • Self-cleaning!

How to make infused butter using the Magical Butter Machine:

  • Decarboxylate your herbs in an oven
  • Melt your butter
  • Combine your herbs and butter in the Magical Butter Machine
  • Set the temperature and press the 2h button
  • Wait 2 hours
  • Strain and cool in fridge

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