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4' x 4' Complete Grow Kit

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The large 4 × 4 ft LED grow system provides you with the space grow vegetables, herbs, and your 4 recreational plants. Great for a small room, basement or garage.

This grow kit includes everything you need to start growing your greens at home.

  • Reflective Mylar Grow Tent 4x4x6.5 ft.

  • VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED Grow Light (R900).

  • LED Glasses and Case.

  • 7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer.

  • Ventilation Setup: 4" Plastic Fan With Speed Controller, 4" X 12" Carbon Filter and 4" Ducting, clamps, clips, filter straps and duct tape. See options to select a 6'' setup includes 6'' Vortex VTX 600L (293 CFM), 6'' x 16'' Filter and 6'' Ducting kit.

  • Two 6" Clip-on Fan.

  • Pair of Rope Ratchets.

  • Thermometer-Hygrometer.

  • pH meter and PPM meter.

  • Four 3-gallon fabric pots.

You just need to buy your own seeds, soil, and the nutrients - these items will be specific to the types of plants you are growing.

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  • Our large 4 x 4 x 6.5 ft Grow Tent will provide you enough space to grow 6 large plants including vegetables, herbs, and your 4 recreational plants. Great for a small room, basement or garage!

    • Outer Shell: 600D Oxford fabric is 100% Tear-resistant and makes these tents strong and durable.

    • Interior Material: Diamond Mylar is the most light- reflective type of Mylar to maximize the light within your grow tent.

    • Climate Control: Micro-mesh vents are located on each side of the tent to allow fresh air to flow in, while keeping the bugs out.

    • Frame: The metal frame and 3 hanging bars will hold 110 lbs of equipment.

    • Observation Window: A clear-view window makes it easy to take a peek inside without having to open up the tent.

    • Entry: Rear access entry for complete access to your plant garden.

    • Extra Light Proofing: Heavy-duty zippers with light proof double backing that moves easily and smoothly. Dual-layered electrical cord vents block the outside world.

    • Floor Tray: Removable water-proof Reflective floor tray protect your tent while you grow.

    • Color: Black outside, with green border.

    • Tent Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6.5 ft (120 x 120 x 200 cm).

    • Vents Dimensions:

      • 5 x Round 8" diameter vents located at the bottom and top of the tent.

      • 2 x Round 4" diameter vents located at the back.

      • 2 x Rectangle micro-mesh (50 x 18 cm).

    Grow Tent

    Grow Tent 
Hanging Bars
  • Choosing the right grow light system is critical. We have selected a high performing LED Grow Light that covers the area of this kit perfectly so that you can get maximum yields from your plants.

    Viparspectra 900 watt LED Grow Light (R900)

    VIPARSPECTRA is the leader in LED Grow Lights, consistently delivering excellent performance and providing the complete spectrum of light your plants need from seed to harvest for the least amount of energy.

    This high performing LED Grow Light fits the grow area perfectly so that you get maximum yields from your plants.

    • Energy Savings: Only consumes 418 watt of power.

    • Full Spectrum: Designed to provide the optimal full spectrum of light that plants need from seed to harvest (vegetative and flowering stages).

    • Balanced Lighting: Scientifically engineered to balance the PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage to not stunt/burn your plants.

    • Penetration Technologies: Ensures that light reaches right to the base of your plant so you get bigger and denser flowers from your entire plant.

    • Heat Reduction: Runs 70% cooler than HID lights.

    • Coverage:

      • Vegetative Coverage is 4 x 4 ft.

      • Flowering Coverage is 3 x 3 ft.


VIPARSPECTRA Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    LED Glasses and Case

    Grow room glasses are engineered to protect your eyes and reduce eyestrain while working under LED lighting systems.

    • Health Benefits: Blocks all UVA and UVB rays and protects your eyes from infrared wavelengths, glare and reflection.

    • Color Correction: Color correction to see your indoor garden exactly the same way that it appears outside in natural daylight.

    • Garden Helper: Superior grow room glasses help detect and diagnose problems earlier than ever before - a critical factor in staying ahead of the curve and making adjustments as soon as issues arise.

    Grow Room LED 


    7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer

    A timer automates your grow light schedule to save you time and energy.

    • Display: Digital screen.

    • Programmable: Setup any 7-day pattern you want down to the minute.

    • Use: You can turn on your lights overnight or during non- peak hours to reduce heat and your energy bill.

    • Outlets: Controls 2 outlets simultaneously.

    7 Day_Dual_Outlet_Digital_Timer
  • There is nothing more important than fresh, cool air for keeping your plants happy. Our climate and ventilation package provides the equipment needed to exhaust, filter and replenish the air in your grow room every few minutes.

    4" Plastic Fan with Speed Controller (EXHAUST FAN)

      • Airflow: 190 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

      • Speed: 2500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

      • Material: Metal.

      • Variable Speed Controller: 3 Speed controller to adjust the fan speed. 

    Inline Tube Fan

    4" X 14" Carbon Filter

    Made from Australian Virgin Carbon to effectively clean the air and remove unwanted odours from your Grow Tent.

    • Carbon: 1050+ Australian Virgin, Machine packed 2" carbon enables 100% filtered air.

    • Uses: Reversible and can be use with an exhaust or intake setup.

    • Airflow: 200 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

    • Installation: Lightweight aluminum tops and bases reduce the weight. Includes two adjustable belts to easily mount and adjust your filter.

    • Mesh: Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area to increase air flow.

    Carbon Filter

    4" Ducting, Clamps, Clips, Filter Straps and Duct Tape

    Includes everything you need to install your fan and filter.

    6" Clip-On Fan

    The ultra quiet 6" Clip-On Air Circulation Fan provides the gentle breeze your plants love and even helps to protect them from mould, rot and pests. The spring loaded “crocodile clip” easily attaches to the metal poles inside the grow area.

    • Climate Control: Air circulation and ventilation controls heat and humidity.

    • Size: 6.3" diameter.

    • Positioning: Above or below your plants to avoid too much direct breeze.

    • Durable: Durable plastic blades and easily to remove safety grill makes for easy cleaning.

    • Energy Efficient: Energy efficient low voltage.

    • Other: Two speeds, tilts, and is non-oscillating.

      Ducting, Clamps, Clips, Filter Straps and Duct Tape

      Clip-On Fan
    • Once your plants have gotten bigger, you can transplant them into the large fabric pots, check the PH and PPM of your soil and water, and HAVE FUN seeing your plants grow big!!

      1/8" Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet

      Pair of secure and strong 1/8" Rope Ratchets for hanging your grow light, carbon filter or inline fan. The push button release system and extremely strong 8ft braided polypropylene rope make it very easy to adjust the height of your grow equipment for all of your plants growth stages.

      • Secure: Metal carabiners and reinforced internal metal gears.

      • Release System: Push button to easily adjust equipment height.

      • Support: Up to 150 pounds (lbs) per pair.

      Easy Push Button Ratchets

      Large Display Thermometer and Hygrometer

      Measuring the temperature and humidity in your grow room is an important step in growing healthy, leafy and resilient plants.

      • Measurement: Temperature and humidity.

      • Display: Large and easy-to-read digital display.

      • Use: The humidity levels will influence how much water your plants need, nutrient uptake, and can cause mould and rot issues if not controlled properly.

        Grow Room Humidity and Temperature Monitor

        PH Meter

        A pH meter is an essential tool to maintain the right level of acidity or alkalinity at the roots of your plant. Without the right pH level your plants will not be able to absorb nutrients, which will directly impact the health of your buds.

        • Easy to Use: On screen LCD display for immediate test results; easy calibration with the pH 4 & 6.86 buffer packets that are included.

        • Measurement Range: Provides full measurement range 0.0 - 14.0 pH.

        • Resolution: 0.1 pH.

        • Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH.

        • Efficient: Long battery life.

          Ph Meter package

          TDS/PPM Meter

          A PPM Meter allows you to measure the soluble material (e.g. salt, metals, minerals) in parts per million in the water you are giving to your plants.

          Use to identify the PPM levels of your tap water and nutrient water to ensure you don’t overfeed your plants.

            • Easy to Use: On screen LCD display for immediate test results; factory calibrated.

            • Measurement Range: 0 – 9990 ppm.

            • Resolution: 1 ppm.

            • Accuracy: ± 2 %.

            • Efficient: Long battery life.

            Note: Do not drop the entire meter in water beyond the maximum immersion level. This unit is not water-tight and is not covered under the warranty if water enters the unit.

            PPM Meter

            3-Gallon Fabric Pots

            Our large Fabric pots provide great support, while allowing comfortable root growth and air to travel into the root system.

            • Material: High quality Nonwoven fabric.

            • Drainage: Fabric pots allow for great drainage and air flow to prevent root systems from rotting or over heating.

            • Durable: Tough fabric handles allow you to easily move plants from one area to another.

            • Maintenance: Simple to clean and easy to use.

              Fabric Pot