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Revelry Escort Smell Proof Backpacks

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The Revelry Escort is the odour absorbing and water resistant backpack you need to carry around your electronics and your stash. Will your friends be able to find your secret pocket inside? These smell proof bags don’t only look great but also have compartments for your laptop, phone and all of your gear.

Product Details:

  • Odour Absorbing and Water-resistant: There are multiple layers that make this stash bag stealth and protected. There is a dual carbon filter inside that filters out odours plus a rubber-backed nylon exterior to protect the filter and provide extra odour protection.  
  • Fun look and colours:Look good while you cruise around with your smell proof backpack. They come in in Black, Green, Grey, Grey Crosshatch, and Navy Blue.
  • Multiple compartments: The fun feature is the secret pocket inside but there is also a laptop divider, phone pocket, and double-backed headphone port to support all the technology you may need to carry with you.
  • Refresh your bag by simply placing in the dryer for a few minutes– until warm – to release all absorbed odours.
  • Standard Unisex Size:17” x 13” x 5” and 18L