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Revelry Around Towner Smell Proof Duffle Bags

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The Revelry Around Towner is the odour absorbing and water resistant Duffle Bag that you need to carry around your gear and your stash. There is a dual carbon filter inside that filters out odours. Will your friends be able to find your secret pocket inside?

Product Details:

  • Odour Absorbing and Water-resistant: There are multiple layers that make this stash bag stealth and protected. There is a dual carbon filter inside that filters out odours plus a rubber-backed nylon exterior to protect the filter and provide extra odour protection.  
  • Fun look and colours:Throw this medium-sized smell proof bag over your shoulder and you're good to go. They come in in Black, Green, Grey, Grey Crosshatch, and Navy Blue.
  • Soft and genuine leather accents: The cotton lining makes this bag soft to the touch and also helps protect the longevity of the filter and the bag.
  • Refresh your bag by simply placing in the dryer for a few minutes– until warm – to release all absorbed odours.