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Cost of Growing vs. Buying

February 01, 2019 1 Comment

Cost of Growing vs. Buying Weed

The price per gram for recreational in dispensaries varies in each province but the average is about $10 per gram.

Below is a breakdown of the costs you can expect for growing your first harvest indoors, and the cost for subsequent harvests – the cost of equipment is included in your first harvest.  If you look after your equipment, it will last you years. 

Your first home grow will be slightly more expensive than buying from a dispensary. But you can expect to save 70% on future grows so by the end of your second grow you are head!

 Sample Grow Setup:

  • Grow Kit: Weekend Warrior - 2’x 2’ x 4.5’ grow area 
  • Grow light: Viparspectra LED V300 light
  • Growing medium: Soil
  • Average harvest time: 4 months
  • Recommended # of plants: 2 plants
  • Average yield for this harvest: 3 ounces or 84 grams.

As a VERY general guideline, growers will be able to produce 0.5 grams per 1 watt of light in your grow room– the strain and grow method will also have a huge effect on yields! New growers can expect to produce less than this.  So, using a 300W grow light you can expect to produce roughly 80 - 90 grams, or 3 ounces (as long as you don’t make any critical mistakes).

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